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A Present

by Tom James on 04/25/19

God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time,
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardship as a pathway to peace;
taking, as Jesus did,
this sinful world as it is,
not as I would have it;
trusting that You will make all things right
if I surrender to Your will;
so that I may be reasonable happy in this life
and supremely happy with You forever in the next.


                                            Reinhold Niebuhr

Leadership Choices, A Summary!

by Tom James on 04/15/19

Let's run through some choices you can make to be Good, Ethical Leaders.

Choose to lead: if you're younger, lead your classmates, siblings, even your teachers, or if you're in your twenties, lead your fellow workers, your organization, your family, etc.! These are examples of how you can seek ways in which to practice leadership.

To what end? Leave the world a better place because of your many leadership choices and roles!

How can you become a GOOD, Ethical Leader?

Choose Good values and have Good, Ethical habits.

For example, you can choose:

-To worship a Good Supreme Being (God).

-To make family the center of what you value.

-To treat the opposite sex as Persons and not as objects.

-Pick GOOD friends and leisure time activities.

-Choose to use alcohol and rich foods sparingly, not to excess.

-Choose to learn and keep learning all the days of your life.

-Love and care for and give Good guidance to your followers.

-Exercise daily!

-Read great literature!

-Set up rules about your use of computers, iPhone, online games, social media, etc.

-Pray every day.

-Trust in God and your Good Guardian Angel.

Now, how are you doing as a Good, Ethical Leader?

Leaders—Atheism, Abortion, and the Death of Democracy

by Tom James on 03/29/19

If there is no Supreme Being (God), then there is no Personhood, and therefore we are all animals with no inalienable rights...


If the atheists continue to impose abortion on this country (USA) and the baby Persons are forcibly denied the basic right to life, then the door is opened to deny the right to life of other Persons: the aged, the infirm, criminals, etc., and then when the dictator and the PARTY control all—then all rights are gone, and no one is a Person!

I remember that at the the Nuremberg trial of the Nazis at the end of World War II, an accused Nazi judge made the statement, “I didn't know that when we denied the first person their rights, that all the evils of Nazism would follow.”

The denial of the God-given Personhood says to God, “Not only do we deny your existence, but we make it the law of our country to kill your most wonderful and beautiful creations in the millions!!!!”

And the God-centered democracy crumbles onto the ash heap of history.

Leaders and Hate

by Tom James on 03/20/19

Acts by hate-filled people fill the media! We are bombarded with stories of hatred: towards other races, religions, countries, poor or rich people, political enemies, EVERYONE!

What are Good, Ethical Leaders to do to stem the tide? It's easy to say LOVE, but let's go back to basics and find where hate and love spring from.

There is a moment of choice to hate! At some point in the life of the hater, one accepts another's hatred as one's own or one chooses one's own object of hatred.

SO! What if all Good, Ethical Leaders in the world decided to attack together this moment of decision to stop the hate-filled choice from being made?


A simple truth! That there is a God (Supreme Being), that God gave all human beings a soul and thereby made us Persons, and that every Person has the EXACT SAME GIFT. WE ARE ALL THE SAME!

THEREFORE—God wants us to use our freedom to choose hate or love. By choosing love, we will share God's life forever in the eternal light of God's love...


...a Person can turn away from God and God's love and CHOOSE to HATE! The fires of hatred will consume their souls, minds, and brains with the same fire that will burn in our souls in Hell for all eternity!!!

There is no rational choice to HATE! We have to be STUPID to hate other Persons who are exactly like us in our shared Personhood and eternal destiny! Can we not use the power of the media to call hate-filled terrorists, mass-murderers, power-mad political leaders, gang leaders, dope peddlers, hate-filled religious leaders, etc., as...


Their hate-filled acts are stupid, especially their first choice to HATE!

The Day of Celebration

by Tom James on 02/25/19

World leaders, imagine a future world where the following scenario is a reality, and make this day come!

The whole world is watching the special meeting of all the world leaders at the UN. During the past few days, a special UN meeting of all the leaders of the “nuclear nations” have met and adopted the following resolution:


Also that:

“All nations of the world hereby appoint the United Nations to carry out this destruction of all WMD's.”

That the United Nations, under the direction of the United Nations Bureau of WMD Destruction has a supervising committee composed of:

-The Secretary-General of the United Nations,

-The Director of the Bureau,

-And representatives of the following nations: Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, and Poland.

That this Bureau be given the authority, resources, and personnel to carry out this task:

That any nation that refuses to fully cooperate with the United Nations in destroying its WMD's shall have its borders, ports, and airports closed and its communications disrupted.

NOW: the General Assembly meets to vote on the approval of the declaration, with the whole world watching.

The Secretary-General calls the meeting of all the leaders of the nations of the world, who are either present themselves or technologically present. He simply and directly asks all the leaders to vote to:

-APPROVE- or -DISAPPROVE- the adoption of the declaration.

Then the celebration (or weeping?) may begin.

Leaders and Understanding

by Tom James on 02/11/19

Let us practice understanding!

We seek to understand:

  1. The way the voice within us that tells us the good to seek and the evil to avoid.

  2. The ways in which the Supreme Being communicates with us Persons in Sacred writings, through beauty everywhere in creation, and through all the works of art.

  3. The ways in which we can love others and the ways in which we can be loved.

  4. The ways to pray to the Supreme Being for everything and especially how to hear when the Supreme Being answers us.

  5. The way to love knowledge about all things and how to add to the storehouse of knowledge.

  6. The ways to be good leaders.

  7. The way in which understanding might lead to wisdom.

  8. The possibility of not only WHAT but WHO!

Leadership and God's Response to Evil

by Tom James on 02/03/19

Do you sometimes wonder, dear Leaders, why God (the Supreme Being) does not rain fire and brimstone down on evil actions and activities? Is it possible that God is allowing the Persons of Planet Earth to decisively choose GOOD or EVIL and reap the rewards of a new age of justice, mercy, love, and wisdom, rather than the terrible choice of a future of power-mad politics, evil religious zealotry, denying Personhood to the unborn, and the attack on those of other religious? My address is to Leaders who I believe and hope will respond to God's voice calling us all to choose the GOOD choices and actions and GOOD Leadership roles. Turn the evil trends around into blossoming creative GOOD political actions and individual actions of God-led HEROISM, virtue, and love of all Persons everywhere!

Beloved Leaders—at all levels of society—we desperately need you to be heroes and heroines as you lead your families, Communities, nations, and the world into safe waters! Thank you.

Leadership and Ethical Choices

by Tom James on 01/18/19

Aristotle says, “Ethics is about the GOOD!”

Who we are, and what world we create, depends on our CHOICES!


Our choices are made based on our value and value system.


Now—for your homework, read or re-read Aristotle's Ethics!

Now class, what is your value system?


  1. There is one Supreme Being who loves us and gives us Personhood. We choose to honor other Persons and seek to serve. This is the basis of all we value and all that is GOOD!

  2. OR, there is no Supreme Being, and we are the center of all our life's choices!

  3. OR, we choose to follow a god that inspires us to choose evil.

Stop! Choose now!

Intend the GOOD in all our choices and learn to “know, love, and serve God...”

...A loving, perfect God!!!

Leadership and the Cumulative Effect of Good and Evil Acts

by Tom James on 01/02/19

A thought on the end of 2018, December 31st:

Much of my blog entries have been about the role of leadership and Leaders in the face of WMD's of all types and powerful forces of evil political and religious ideas and Leaders. Today, let us dwell on the cumulative effect of every single good and evil act.

Just as a garden can become a thing of order and beauty, or a weed patch, by the daily choices of a gardener, so a Person, family, neighborhood, business, city, or country, even the whole world, is impacted by individual acts.

HOW? Examples:

  1. The family home can be a place of love, joy, and mutual support by the mother and father being Persons who began and continued their relationship in love, kindness, giving, and contributing one's Work, thoughts, energies, and devotion to loving and interested care for their children. Or the home can become the opposite when the parents have a relationship based on lust, selfishness, taking, “turning one's face away from the other,” and practicing neglectful and resentful anger at the demands of parenting!

  2. A playground can be a place of good friends or bullies.

  3. A neighborhood can be a safe place for families, a place of justice and peace. Or it can be a place of murders and drugs, corruption, and fear.

  4. A city can be a place where good neighborhood prevail, as well as justice, care for the needy, and creativity. Or evil neighborhoods can prevail, where corrupt leaders dispense evil judgments, their actions are clouded by self-seeking and power-seeking, where fear, murder, and despair fill the hearts and streets of the city!

  5. A religion can bring its followers together in love, mutual support, and worship of a Supreme Being of love and mercy, or it can call some of its followers to be mass murderers, slavers, or destroyers, who are filled with the terrible belief that their acts of hatred towards other religions are blessed by their “god.” Really, their wars with others in their religions are led by power-hungry leaders using religion to control and inspire evil acts in their followers!

  6. A nation's people can lose hope and despair of having good leaders in their cities. Their political life is filled with hatred. Mob rule fills the streets until they create a dictator, who they hope will restore order, and he DOES—at the loss of all their freedom. Then they become slaves of the one-party-rule state!

Leaders everywhere, listen and don't despair! YOU—at all levels—can change the direction of your family, your neighborhood, your city, your country, your world... for the better. Be strong and good ethical Leaders, and hope in our Supreme Being and in each other.

Leadership and Wisdom

by Tom James on 12/23/18

In this time of peril as well as hope for Planet Earth—peril from WMD's in the hands of power-crazed lunatics, and hope because of the wonderful breakthroughs of technology in every aspect of life.

At this time of celebration for Christmas, an idea occurred to me: what if God (the Supreme Being) sent Confucius, Buddha, Mohammad, and Jesus to visit us and give us their collective wisdom about the choices we have in saving our planet and enjoying technological prosperity as we are faced with the greatest crisis in our human history!

I think they would begin by posing a series of questions:

  1. Do you human Persons have a common set of values that allow you to negotiate in an atmosphere of trust? No!

  2. Do you have a common definition of God as the one Supreme Being? No!

  3. Do you recognize that all humans have been gifted with Personhood (a soul!) and are all the same? No!

  4. Have your political and religious leaders adopted systems that are not power-mad or based on total control over their people, who they view as servants of their controlling political and religious group? No!

  5. Are all Persons in all political or religious Communities seen to possess the inalienable rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” because of their Personhood? Some, but not all.

The four great leaders speak, “Our suggestion to you is, on the basis of your answers, simple: take responsibility for changing yourselves and your political and religious systems so that a 'yes' answer will be given to the 5 questions in the future, or you will have no future at all!

“We will pray for you.”

Leadership and the Work of Our Souls

by Tom James on 12/15/18

We are never alone! We are surrounded by all of our ancestors, loved ones, and friends who have died, plus all the souls of the universe. Also, God's love is in our souls, waiting for us and helping us.

What do our souls do? What should they do?

BASICS! The Supreme Being (God) is a God of love. He gives us souls (Personhood) to join him in loving union forever. If this is true, then we need to prepare our souls for love eternal.



-Learning how to love by letting our souls go beyond the body's desire for sex and going beyond our mind's limited concepts of loving. We should intentionally TOUCH the souls of others with love—no words! As it will be in heaven!

-Is it possible that our ancestors are always available to us—touching our souls? Is it possible that, for instance, our mothers or spouses who have passed not only hear our prayers but are also in communion with us? Try it! Is it possible that the loving touch of our souls is as it will be with God in heaven? That it can and should occur anytime, anywhere, and often!?

-A step further! Could we reach out to enemies like someone who is robbing us, falsely accusing us, or driving their car erratically? Could we STOP, reach out, and seek to touch them with forgiveness and love—no words, just our souls? GO!

-In suffering—in pain, loss, poverty, disaster, accident, a lifelong or temporary disability, etc., do we have the opportunity to TOUCH and be touched by God and countless others like caregivers and rescue workers? God is loving and merciful, and there is no better time to come roaring into our souls than when we are suffering and totally vulnerable!!!


Let us leaders practice touching the souls of our ancestors AND of our present family AND everyone on Earth AND in the UNIVERSE!

I hope I can, through my writing, reach out and touch my soul to yours with the shared love of God!

How the Supreme Being (God) Speaks to Leaders—NOW!

by Tom James on 12/01/18

As all good, ethical Leaders try to create a world safe for Persons everywhere to not only survive but thrive, God is here to help and guide us!


Please consider these following ways:

  1. From the time God gave human beings a soul and made them Persons, God has had a love affair with us. The Supreme Being guided us first into family units, then into tribes. Tribes responded in fear and wonder with rituals and prayers created by their Leaders!

  2. As people built cities and countries, and with the development of the written word, Leaders created the wonderful religious literature that speaks to and inspires us current Leaders to worship the divine in multiple and creative forms together. They created the formal religions we know today that guide, nurture, and support so many of us Leaders today.

  3. These Leaders of the current religions of today try to spend their lives in prayer, holiness, learning, writing, and teaching us Leaders how to Lead nations and individual Persons to create good families, villages, cities, countries, and faithful followers of the GOOD. Thereby Leaders can create the whole Good, Global Community!

  4. All us Leaders are capable of communicating with God if we would only try! We can communicate with God through daily prayer and daily listening to God communicating to us.

  5. God has given all Persons the ability to see and choose the good path or the evil one! As we choose a path, good or evil habits are formed that bring us closer to good or evil. We can intentionally choose to good path, the good habit, the good friendship, the best religious choices, the best Work, and the best investment of our time, resources, and energy.

  6. For Christians, Jesus is the WORD of GOD who can be our Way, our Truth, our Life, and our Light, now and at the moment of our dying. Through a daily reading of the New Testament, we can hear Jesus teaching us that God is our Father, that we must love one another, that we must forgive to be forgiven, that as Leaders, we must seek to serve rather than be served, that everything in our lives, every act, every thought, every joy or suffering, and every event have great meaning if we join with Jesus in “renewing the face of the Earth!!!”

The Supreme Being (God), the Great Leader of ALL!

by Tom James on 11/27/18

So! What is God's plan? How can we understand what has happened, is happening, or deal with what is going to happen to us, unless we can surmise God's overall plan for Planet Earth and us Persons?!?!

Let us try and approach!

What if God's plan for the universe in general, and the Earth in particular, was to create places where life would flourish and evolve until beings were endowed by God with souls that give us FREE WILL to choose both good and a life of service in God, or evil and self-centeredness?!

So God gave us free will because God wants us to freely choose life eternal with the Supreme Being, worlds and Communities filled with beings capable of love and choosing service to God and one another (Leaders!) OR, of course, filled with beings incapable of love, capable of choosing to Lead others to do all the evil acts and ideas that we see examples of in the world today.

AND it is my belief that the greatest gift that God gave us is good ethical Leadership skills with which we good Leaders INTENTIONALLY try every day and in every way to create a better world, overcoming evil when and where we encounter it!

We must choose! Choose the better idea, path, relationship, or Work, choosing God's way in all things!

We all are either part of the solution, or we are the problem!

Leadership and Thanksgiving

by Tom James on 11/18/18

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, celebrated in the United States once a year at the end of November. It has become, sadly, much more about shopping and eating.

Leadership needs to INTENTIONALLY elevate Thanksgiving to a Sacred celebration, a family giving thanks to God (Supreme Being) for life as Persons, for the abundance of food and shelter, security, peace, and for one another!

Let us Leaders, everywhere, make THANKFULNESS and GRATITUDE an important part of our relationship with God, Persons especially family and close friends, and everyone who Works for us, gives us service, provides us protection, rescues us, or heals us, etc.

Leaders and Creating an Ethical (Wonderful!) World Community

by Tom James on 11/12/18

Leaders lead first of all through supporting or changing their followers' ideas (ethics) or priorities. A Father and Mother of a family lead by example and direction to make a priority of love, kindness, good habits, hope, love of God, virtue, charity toward those in need, and Work, for example.

The greatest current barrier to creating a worldwide Community of love and care for one another, mutual support, and peace is a failure to realize that we are all ALIKE and that we are all made Persons because God has given us each a soul.

Let all Persons in the world decide themselves and lead all the Persons in the world to adopt the following Pledge of Solidarity and Unity!

In order to create a worldwide Community of mutual support, kindness, and love, I PLEDGE to:

-Recognize that there is one Supreme Being (God),

-Recognize that God has given every human being on Earth a soul—the same soul that makes us Persons who are ALL the same!

-Recognize that if I join others in a loving belief structure and service-oriented activities, then I could contribute to the ultimate salvation of Planet Earth in the future and a love-filled world in the present.

As a Good, Ethical Leader, I pledge to provide help to those victims of violence, provide safe havens and shelter to those fleeing the horror of war-torn countries and Communities, and I pledge to pray to our loving and merciful God for a religious and ethical change of heart of violent Persons.

Leadership and the Pledge of Hope

by Tom James on 11/10/18

The Pledge of Hope:

Let us pledge to give hope to each other and to the whole world, speaking and choosing ideas and actions that create harmony, betterment, healing, friendship, love of others, service to others, and creative and effective Work and works, thereby creating in the hearts of all Persons everywhere...

A wellspring of hope,

For the future.

Leaders' Development and Abortions

by Tom James on 10/20/18

This entry is especially addressed to the men and women of child-bearing ages.

I hope that if I propose to you the terrible steps that lead to a young woman's decision to abort her child, that you men and women (as well as boys and girls) might get off the PATH to abortion.

The “Path” consists of some of the following ideas, values, and habits that lead to abortion and the death of a child!!!

  1. The slowly developing idea that God is not an important presence in their lives.

  2. Because of #1, the failure to understand that we are not only animals, but that we are Persons—with the God-given gift of a soul. Failing to understand that we have a purpose, with the responsibility to have a lifestyle that prepares us to live with a good and merciful God forever.

  3. Becoming, gleefully, part of the idea that sex is “fun,” that it's merely a passing fancy, that it is never a sin or evil, and that sexual partners are whatever we want them to be before, during, and after sex, including a “one-night stand!!!”

  4. That premarital sex is clearly OK as long as there is a good chance for there to be a wedding, even though it's just a 48-hour party and marriage is something that we will work out as it unfolds!

  5. That, if an unwanted pregnancy happens before or after marriage, then, if we decide, we can get help to kill the child (called a fetus!) and dispose of the “remains.”

  6. That's all there is to it. No sin along the way, even starting with the first terrible act of turning our faces, souls, and minds away from God, then drifting into a world of LBTQ[etc.] and leaving church affiliation, family guidance, and/or pressure. The holy seems “prudish,” the Holy Bible is just “good reading,” proceeding to choose bad venues rather than good venues to socialize, and then, of course, drugs or alcohol (to help us keep on an “even” keel etc., etc.) while we continue on our downward Path.

On the other hand, a good “Path”:

We could choose God and Personhood as Core Values and define our relationships with the opposite sex (or with anyone) as a chance to develop all the following: TRUE and LASTING FRIENDSHIPS that grow stronger, loving, focused on others, wonderful, and blossoming into marriage, family, children, praying together, and a life of good, ethical leadership.

The Fruit of Anger and the Fruit of Wisdom

by Tom James on 10/15/18

In my beloved USA, and my beloved Catholic Church, I see devastating havoc being caused by the sudden search for sins on the part of priests and mostly male celebrities. What I beg the leaders of these media-fed frenzies is to stop and consider the following questions and thoughts:

-Are you sure that your justifiable hurt and suffering caused by the sinful predations of 20 or 30 years ago justified the outing of those horrors causing the current destruction of the lives, careers, families, etc., etc. of your predators who are trying to live lives of service and work that benefits society?

-Does there exist a need to consider the law of proportionality in each instance, so that that evil act of the past does not spread even greater evil in the present through your actions?

-Please consider whether you victims are also called to forgive and not to seek vengeance!

-What is the effect of joining your cause together in a worldwide movement to assert the rights of women and to not be victims? Have you carefully considered the effect on the leader-subordinate relationship of today, and how this will bring doubt and fear into those relationships, even destroying them when there are only good intentions present?

-How does this attack on the hierarchy of the Catholic Church affect their ability to bring the grace and comfort of the sacraments to its billion souls, especially when the trust in the leaders of the Church from pope to priest is being systematically destroyed by the way in which the sins of the PAST are used against the PRESENT Church!

-Please let wisdom help you see and understand the dilemma of the bishop of 30 years ago. It was the midst of a sexual revolution of the '60's and dealing with the onslaught of sexual predations by priests. What to do?! On the one hand, all he could offer to the child and the child's family is shared sorrow and hopefully outrage. On the other hand, the priest is a soul in trouble, and he can provide a lifetime of service to the Church and thousands of persons. The bishop, encouraged by the current mentality of that time in the Church, opted for saving rather than destroying the priesthood of the priest.

-Be careful, leaders of this feeding frenzy, that the evil done to you now or in the past, can be buried in the past. “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Also, will your legacy of your current actions mostly help or hurt women in their leader/subordinate relationships, now and in the future?

Leaders and the Gifts of God

by Tom James on 10/09/18

If there is NO Supreme Being, then all that happens is random and devoid of both meaning and hope!!

God (the Supreme Being) gives us:

-The universe, with all its wonders!

-The planet Earth, with all ITS wonders!

-A soul—which is given by God to all human beings—with the same hope, promise, and invitation to worship God in this life and forever, both with and in God.

-The freedom to choose the path of love, justice, virtue, and God... OR the path of SELF—using others and this life to embrace evil and vice.

-A good guardian angel, which helps us choose good. God also allows an evil spirit, which tempts us endlessly.

-The beauty and bounty of the Earth, to nourish our souls with beauty and our bodies with water, food, and shelter.

-The gift of loving relationships with OTHER PERSONS, which provides the Leaders who create good families, Communities, nations, and civilization where good acts drive out evil ones. God also allows us to have corrupt and corrupting relationships with other Persons, bringing about evil Leaders which bring us famine, wars, hatred, etc., etc.

-An ever-searching and learning intellect which brings us, for instance: good theology and philosophy, good concepts like Personhood and democracy, as well as evil concepts like defining their Supreme Being as telling them to hate any strangers (infidels!) and telling them to conquer, kill, subjugate, enslave, etc., etc., creating Hell on Earth.

-The Supreme Being encourages us to bond with dogs and create relationships with cats!

-The Supreme Being gives us a sense of humor.

Leadership and THE PLAN (or no plan)!

by Tom James on 10/01/18

Planet Earth is at THE CROSSROAD!!! Exploding technology gives us a chance for a very hope-filled future, or... Armageddon.

Who are the deciders in this drama:

  1. GOD. If there is a Supreme Being, then God is providing us with the ability to CHOOSE! God is letting us decide the future of the planet. We can ACT or NOT ACT!

  2. The Leaders of Planet Earth. Leaders at all levels must participate in the process of saving our world. If they don't, they have chosen to not save it. Participate in the hope-filled future, or surrender to the horrors of technological suicide!!!

What a wonderful—or terrible—time to be alive on this planet!

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