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Dead Eyes, Dead Souls

by Tom James on 02/18/18

Dear Intentional, Good, and Centered Ethical Leaders,

Another school shooting is disrupting the lives of Americans, and people everywhere are wondering, "What are earth could possess someone to go into a school and start machine gunning people?" But look into the faces, especially the eyes, of the mass murderers. Do you see NOTHING?!?

Could these Muslim or American (or whatever) killers be at the end of a process of brainwashing, technology overload, bad ethical choices, and wrong (or no) ideas ideas about the Supreme Being? With bombs, AR-15's, or strapped explosives, could it be that their souls, their Personhood, have died within them, leaving nothing but an empty vessel into which any really evil and stupid idea can blossom into an act of horror, violence, and mass murder?

What can we, the ethical leaders of the world, do about this situation?

Embrace your families, friends, co-workers, Communities, countries, temples, mosques, churches (etc.) in a leader's embrace of good ethical values, love, and a lifelong search for service to the will of the Supreme Being, to the idea of Personhood, to anybody and everybody we can lead and love!

And hurry up! Dead eyes and dead souls seem to be in a population explosion!

Note: I'm not sure I need to say this or not, but a gun no explosives are only evil when put to an evil purpose by a dead souled individual!

Dear Muslims

by Tom James on 02/09/18

Dear Muslim Brother and Sister Persons,

I'm a Christian, and please, please stop (after 1300 years) saying that I and all Christians (and Hindus, etc.) are INFIDELS!

Listen, PLEASE! We both believe that we worship a Supreme Being. I believe—don't you? There can be only one Supreme Being!

OK! As long as you are a tribal religion, you can reject and attack all non-tribal members you define as infidels with the weapons of the day—UNTIL the age of the weapons of mass destruction!

NOW, the combination of WMDs and a worldwide religion that has sects that believe their Supreme Being would sanction their use against an infidel enemy can and will, ultimately, mean the end of civilization!

YOU, the ethical, religious, and political leaders of the Islamic people, must either forswear possession and use of WMDs, OR, decide to join the Good, ethical, religious and political leaders of Planet Earth to create one world of Persons, who are essentially the same, under one Supreme Being!

Dear Atheists, Please Choose God!

by Tom James on 01/28/18

Dear Atheist Leaders, committed to lead followers such as students, families, readers, and weekly religious persons away from a loving Hope in a Supreme Being that created us and the universe, from believing in God-given Personhood, and to believing in an angry and militaristically aggressive BELIEF THAT THERE IS NO GOD!

Please, if you are deciding between God and no God, and if you are being assaulted by aggressive Atheists, STOP, and consider the consequences of such a decision and choice.

  1. You are no longer a Person because the God who has loved you for all eternity and continues to love you made you a Person, but you believe there is no soul in you or OTHERS!

  2. You have no Hope. No Hope in a joyful afterlife. No Hope in a built-in morality.

  3. Your good guardian angel weeps, and your evil guardian angel laughs!

  4. You have no inalienable rights since you “believe” you are no longer a Person.

  5. You are willing to join a religious or a single-party totalitarian regime and deny Personhood to the people unlucky enough to live under your evil rule!

  6. You cannot make a marriage vow!

  7. For you, there is no moral code, only laws to be manipulated.

  8. You will spend your life seeking power:

    1. Economic power (wealth)

    2. Social power (prestige)

    3. Political power (over others)

    4. Sexual power (over women or men to be your sexual slaves)

    5. Community power (to use your Community for selfish objectives)

    6. Power to LIE (manipulate the Truth to achieve all of the above powers)


You will be seeking the power to control and ignore the increasing worries about aging, fears, and terrors of the night caused by the consequences of your choices and dread of approaching hopeless death.


I will leave your conscience to fill in the dots at the end of that “and”.

An Open Letter to the Leaders of the World's Religions

by Tom James on 01/13/18

FACT: The world's population almost quadrupled in the 20th century. Due to the miracles of modern medicine, the clean hands movement among medical personnel, the spread of knowledge about health matters in the all the populations of the world, better nutrition, cleaner water, etc. etc.!

FACT: All the great religions teach the Sacredness of the marriage vow, the central role of the family as a basis of society, and the having of children as the core blessing on a family.

THEREFORE: I propose that all religions consider the adoption of a Sacred Communal or individual ritual blessing on the SACRED decision to have no more children in a marriage already blessed with a number of children when the PARENTS, in prayerful consideration, have decided to complete their family. This decision would be part of a Community-wide decision that the population of their local Community or country has exceeded sustainable viability.

The ritual would include a pledge and decision to renew their marriage vow to one another, as well as their children. They would promise to love, support, and sustain their family, and to lead one another to create a holy, Grace-filled family, modelled after that of the holy family of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus (or similar models in other-than-the-Christian religion). The religious leaders will specify that with this pledge, the married couple may use any and all God-given means to prevent further births (excluding abortion).

The pledge does not extend to any action that would constitute a departure from the marriage vow bonding the couple to one another alone.

The role the bishops, imams, etc. will be to bless the decision of the married couple and to emphasize the Sacredness of their action and their family.

There are many disasters created by overpopulation. The first disaster is its horrendously horrible effect on the poor and helpless. The second disaster is the effect on members of the family, especially young males, causing hopelessness and therefore openness to horrible causes or movements like ISIS and Nazism.

The World Leadership Pledge for Persons

by Tom James on 01/06/18

I intend to join with all Persons on this planet and lead with Good, Centered ethical values, ideas, and actions to bring about a Global Community of Persons who recognize their God-given Personhood through worshiping the Supreme Being, serving and loving one's neighbor, and working to make the world a place where peace, justice, goodness, and kindness prevail in our homes, our local Communities, our states, and all our nations.

All Persons everywhere must set aside tribal ideas of hatred of other religions, countries, and Persons, and join in the pledge shown above!

Killing Good Ethical Words, Ideas, and Concepts.

by Tom James on 12/15/17

In the eternal battle between good and evil, the evil minions are successfully sucking the life (the meaning) out of words, ideas, and the basis of Western democracies.

For example?

Well, let's pick a few.

Supreme Being vs. No Supreme Being--Atheist

-Integrity and honor          -Whatever works

-Love and Sacred Truth    -Whatever works

-Work is a Gift                  -Work is slavery

-Love of family                 -Love of self

-Faith in the Supreme       -You're kidding, right?


-Hope in the Supreme       -What?!


-Love of all Persons          -You've got to be crazy

-Trust and be trusted         -Trust no one

-Purity, treating all as       -666 Is good. We are animals.


-Servant leadership          -Power, be the boss

-Help those in need          -Why?

-Life goal—make the      -Life goal—to have Community

Community better             serve me

-Worship Supreme          -Join a religion to make contacts

Being always as part of

a Community (religion)

-and many more..            -Give it up

Words, ideas, and concepts such as these are no longer used or taught by SOPHISTICATES! Atheists respond, “Who needs them?”

Being a Good, Ethical Leader of Women

by Tom James on 12/05/17

The recent increase in women going public with their stories of sexual predation by sometimes famous men, and the resultant destruction of the men's careers and reputations, deserves a discussion and review about how a good, ethical leader should think and act towards women in the future.

For good, ethical leaders, they should:

  1. Ground their lives in a search for the Supreme Being, according to their religions' wisdom and Sacred literature.

  2. Treat women (and men) as Persons because they are Sacred.

  3. Know that thinking of women as sex objects wipes out the ability to benefit from the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, counsel, strength, and yin-ness.

  4. Consider that if there is a Supreme Being that is our judge and merciful Father, then redemption is possible. We are all sinners. May God grant you strength and comfort in God's love and grace, both in your own life and in your good, ethical leadership.

For men involved, seek forgiveness from God, from the injured Persons, and from all to whom you have given that example. And change your ideas about women and sex.

Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and All Member Nations

by Tom James on 11/21/17

It's time to consider the following addition to the opening chapter of the United Nations charter:

“We believe in a Supreme Being and the fact that the human beings have been gifted by the Supreme Being with Personhood. That Personhood is the same in all Persons, no matter what race, gender, nationality, etc.

The Supreme Being is all good and therefore cannot condone or inspire evil or evil acts.

Because of this evident fact, no Person, group, religion, or country can deny the rights given to a Person through the United Nations charter. The rights of a person include the right to life and the right to worship the Supreme Being according to their religion or custom.”


The world is faced with Armageddon because of the technological advances in weapons of mass destruction and the powerful forces of:

  1. Persons believing that their Supreme Being guides them to hate and murder those who are not “believers” in their religion.

  2. AND Persons who believe that there is no Supreme Being. They think that they can take control of their countries and create totalitarian regimes that deprive all its citizens of Personhood and its rights. Their radicalism poses a threat to all other nations because of their aggressive plans and actions along with their access to weapons of mass destruction.

P.S. This discussion should begin ASAP, and even if progress is thwarted by nations' representatives that disagree with its adoption, the fact that the discussion is taking place and the proposed language is so clear, there will be a beginning of a tide of theological and philosophical ideas and tools in the hands of the rest of the world's political and religious leaders.

Bringers of Evil

by Tom James on 11/10/17

What are we to say about these people who go into a church with an automatic weapon and kill without mercy? Or ISIS in Paris? Neo-nazis in Charleston? Muslim leaders who threaten nuclear war or leaders of other countries that threaten nuclear war? Is there anything we can do when we are impacted with horrible grief and fear from witnessing and being impacted by these evil acts, including genocide? We can not only pray. We can not only hope. But each Person can treat each human being on this Planet as a fellow Person. And as as a Person, each one of us is endowed with the ability to do good or evil.

Those of us committed to doing good must lead the Planet in the direction of a Global Community of Persons who care for one another, help one another, and lead one another to understanding the Supreme Being's existence and continued care for us. We all are Persons, and together we can create a Community of Persons.

The Dark Angel and Evil Revolutions

by Tom James on 08/28/17

Let's compare how good-ethical Leaders and evil-ethical Leaders carry out a political revolution.

A bad political revolution is characterized by:

  • An elimination of any acknowledgment of a Supreme Being and a slow but steady suppression of all forms of religion

  • A stripping away of all recognition of the fact that the Supreme Being gave every human being Personhood, and therefore withdrawal of any concept of inalienable rights and values based on an inherent code of ethics

  • Creation by the evil Leader of a horrendous threat to the country and all of its citizens by an external or internal threat, justifying emergency assumption of dictatorial powers and systems of control

  • A breakdown of all Communities, families, and social bonds in order to give absolute control to the evil leader

  • A redefinition of Work as being for the benefit of the leader

  • The very concept of Truth is changed to create an alternate reality in people's minds where the words and actions of the leader become the most important facts

The work of the Dark Angel can be seen in history in the horrific dictatorships of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, and others.

But now we have new, current, horrible monsters with Kim Jong-Un in North Korea, the Castros in Cuba, and Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro in the unfolding horror show in Venezuela.

The struggle of Communist China to bring capitalism into the mainstream life of the country while still maintaining one party absolute control is slightly hopeful.

Now we also have the secularization of the USA and the European countries with the onslaught of atheism in politics, the media, the Universities, and the spread of the religion of “causes” thinking replacing “old-time” religiously-based definitions of the Core Values of worship, Personhood, family, servant leadership, and a “government of the people.”

This battle for a Personhood-based society is being waged by a Supreme Being and the good angels working through good, intentional, ethical leaders against the fearful and increasingly powerful powers of the dark angel and the leaders and followers of power and control.

Qualities of Good and Corrupt Leaders

by Tom James on 08/06/17

Corruption and leadership in its many forms features:


-Under the table graft


-Treating Persons as animals


-Covering up incompetency

-Promoting incompetent individuals

-Using the opposite sex as animals

-Crushing the Sacred

-Sponsoring atheism in word, action, and leadership authority.

-Becoming a Leader who is a liar, cheater, pessimist, and a diminisher of Persons under their leadership who reach for God, the True, the Beautiful, and the Good


-Seeking power over service

-Choosing a life of vice:






-Choosing bad companions in dens of iniquity

-Seeking pleasure over joy

-Dislike being part of a church, mosque, temple, or community of worshipers.

-Reading trash and avoiding the capital Books of Wisdom in your religious heritage

-Turning away from Persons capable of love and giving good counsel

-Refusing to see that your sad, pill-laden, declining quality of life is a result of a series of bad—evil—choices

-Getting hooked on drugs

-Having no faith or hope in the future

-Wallowing in despair

Good leadership is rooted in:

-Centered, intentional, ethical leadership

-The belief in and love of a Supreme Being

-A life-long search for a deeper understanding of the Supreme Being's messages to human Persons through wise teachers, holy Persons, and the Sacred writings of his/her faith

-The intention to leave our world, country, Community, family, and friends better than he/she found them

-The intention to teach other Leaders that the Supreme Being gave human beings Personhood and that the Supreme Being's presence in us gives each Person on planet Earth an equal dignity and an equal role in the Supreme Being's wonderful plan for all of us to end up part of the Supreme Being's eternal and all-consuming light!!!

-Must be part of a church, mosque, temple, community of worshipers

-Intends to be a living example of someone who tries to live a life of:


      -Seeking and serving Truth


      -Faith in the Supreme Being

      -Hope in the Supreme Being that a good life of servile leadership will be rewarded with eternal life in the Supreme Being

      -Intending to lead others to share in our beliefs, values, and lives so that each of us Leaders and followers who create a basis of shared values and care for one another will transform and SAVE the world from a death brought on by the corrupt Leaders, their bad example, bad choices, bad actions, and corrupt laws

The Concept of Community

by Tom James on 07/18/17

Recent events in Hamburg, Germany show 2 opposite views of Community. How Leaders define this Core Concept is so crucial. One definition of Community was exhibited by the people who came to Hamburg to riot, fight the police, and injure them and other people. The other view is of the people of Hamburg, who cleaned up the mess that the rioters left behind. The first view, that of the insurrectionists who believe they were PROTESTING, was that they had no desire to wait for whatever process was happening to create change. Therefore, they believe that it is their right to not only protest the need for change but also to riot. The reason they can make this definition is that they believe that their cause is good and that anybody who does not agree with them can be treated as a non-Person, and that the Community can be treated both with disrespect and defined as a place of rioting and pillaging.

The second view, that of the Hamburg Leaders, is to define their Community as a place they want to make better. Those Leaders decided that they will spend their lives creating change for the better and dedicate their lives to service of other Persons. Of course this is the leadership that I hope we will all practice. The crucial definition that underlies a good concept of Community is that of Personhood. A Centered, good ethical Leader, recognizes the fact that every Person, every human being in the world, has been endowed by the Supreme Being with Personhood. They recognize the concept of creating a Community where persons work together.

See their Community in action here:


The worry I have is that the media seldom recognizes the causes of activities like the riot and the clean-up. Because of that, we are bombarded with descriptions of evil acts and good acts, but without knowing the motivation of the Leaders that created those activities.

Dear Leaders of the World,

Please think through not what you do, but why you do. Go back through my blog and review the Core Concepts today, emphasizing the concept of Community, a place where you, the Leader, can participate in creating a wonderful place to Work, raise families, and worship, or you the self-centered destroyer of Communities, can choose to bring violence, hatred, injury, confusion and destruction to your Community. What we as Centered, good ethical Leaders must do is not only act to create better Communities, but also should become teacher-Leaders who teach others why we do good acts, rather than violent ones.

To the President of the Philippines

by Tom James on 06/18/17

Dear President Duterte,

The other night I was unable to sleep worried about many things, including the Philippines. Besieged by two demonic forces: an evil attack by ISIS and an equally horrible attack by soul-stealing drug pushers. Finally, I reached for my rosary to pray for you and your beautiful country and hopefully slide into sleep. While praying, the ideas presented in this letter came to me vividly and forcefully. I hope it can help you and the beautiful Filipino people.

Basically, I hope that you and all the families, businesses, and groups adopt the practice of the daily rosary and prayer to the Blessed Mother to help save your country from the evil ISIS attack and monstrous drug pushers. The rosary has been the instrument of several great acts of national salvation in history, which I'm sure you already know.

Therefore I suggest that you :

  1. Announce and declare that there will be a certain date and time that you ask every family to say a daily rosary together, and I hope that you and your family do the same.

  2. Also, at noon every day you will say one decade of the rosary over the radio or TV.

  3. The intentions of the rosary prayers will be to defeat ISIS and its departure from the Philippine islands forever, that all drug addicts will begin to pray the rosary and repent of their soul-stealing, addictive habit, and that the evil drug-selling, murderous leaders of the soul-stealers and the drug pushers all be shunned, reviled, identified, and prevented from being served by grocery stores, drug stores, utilities, banks, etc.

May the most blessed Mary, beloved Mother of God, through the power and might of her Son Jesus, and all the angels, give you and all your people hope for a drug-free and invader-free nation, faith in the love of God, and love for one another.

P.S. There are 19 Filipino computer users who log on to my website sharedglobalvalues.com and read the blog where your letter will appear, and they will then, hopefully, share that letter with you.

Two Terrible Tales

by Tom James on 06/03/17

Number One

“Here I am driving a car loaded down with explosives. And all I can think of is a beautiful face of the neighbor's 7-year-old daughter who I hoped one day to marry when she grew up!

“That was before I met the man responsible for my being in this car and being willing to deliver these explosives to the Baghdad bazaar on the great day of Ramadan! All I have to do is park the car in the middle of festivities, get out, walk away, and press the plunger in my hand when I turn around the corner of the building over there.

“I have so many doubts about what I am doing and they have grown more insistent as today approached. Does Allah really want me to do this? Will I go to paradise if I die in this action? Are these people deserving of death? Why?

“NO! YES! There she is!!! No way! She's older, maybe 12. She is so beautiful.

“NO!!! She is going to die in a few moments, and I will be responsible for killing her!!!

“NO!!! I can't do it! Never. I am going to drive out of here and …

“Why is it so dark? What? The car blew up, and I didn't press the plunger. My leader must have seen me begin to leave, and HE BLEW ME—AND HER—UP!!! He lied! He said I was alone and in charge of when and where … Lies! Liar! He lied about everything?

“Wait! A light! It shows her. She's in the mans of an arm that looks like a prophet, and she is looking at me.”

She is saying, “When he changed his mind and was not going to go through with mass murder, can you not spare him Hell?”

The Prophet answers, “No. His great crime was to accept and believe that Allah, who is all-good, would inspire the evil act of mass murder.”

“What?” I am at a small oasis with a line of women lined up and looking at me like I'm lunch. I'm next to the nearest palm tree is a prayer rug.

“Go away, you women. I must pray!”

The Prophet speaks, “Your prayer for Him is answered. Let's see if he can pray for 1,000 years, and then we'll see what happens!”

Number Two

“The house is empty. Mother has gone off to work at her job with Blue Point California City Hall, and I am getting ready to become a famous mass murderer. I am speaking into my phone to record my last hours on Earth, so that when the police or whoever play the recording, they will know that I decided to kill.

“Why do I plan to kill?

“Let's see...

“First, boredom. Boredom and an empty life without purpose or meaning and forced to be in my high school class full of happy, smiling, joking, stupid idiots, none of whom like me and who have long ago stopped talking with or even noticing me. I don't blame them. I hate me too! And I hate everybody and everything! The only good fun I have is acting 'normal' so that no one, even my mother or my 'shrink' knows about my consuming hatred.

“And most of all, I hate God! There, I said it. I hate the God that made me, who is supposed to love me and help me, love everybody in life so I can spend eternally with Him/Her in eternal bliss.

“I reject this plan for me AND the Planner!

“AND I am going to spread my hate and crush the hopes and dreams and yes, His/Her plans for a whole lot of people.

“YES! I know what will happen to me when I get gunned down, or a bullet gets put in my brain—Hell!

“But I already know what my Hell will be. I will be ALONE!

“I hate being alone now. I have to have a computer game, loud rock music, horrible dreams of hate-filled crimes, or whatever.

“I tried drugs. I even hate the good feeling that I got at the first pill.

“I'm going. Guns in hand and strapped on, covered in a rain coat, with arms full of books.

“I can't wait to hear the screams and shouts of, 'NO! NO! STOP! WHY? HELP!' and no one answers long enough for me to wipe out my algebra 2 class, and the American History class next door, as well as a couple of rescuers!!!

“I'm stopping dictation. I want to enjoy the last few moments of defying God! And all His/Her works!”


by Tom James on 05/16/17

Does it seem to you, fellow intentional, good, ethical leader, that evil is on the rise??? I'm going to answer “yes” on our behalf, in order to explore the “why” of evil, rather than the “what.”

Evil is rising because the Sacred is disappearing. The Sacred is disappearing from our daily lives because it is replaced with godless mass media offerings like, for example: the impactful, brain-numbing yet trés interessant stuff that is being offered to young persons (especially boys) that prepares them to be the ultimate evil-bringers of American life today—young boys who are mass murderers!

When they are children, they are enlightened by offerings given in the following examples:

  • Disney offers mass entertainment and theme parks, movies, cartoons, etc. in which the models of ethical behavior are NICE and HAPPY and FRIENDLY in a created world without anything Sacred or divine helping them in solving troubles.

  • Social media never tends towards the Supreme Being's presence in the lives of a people who use it. The focus is always on oneself!

  • Computer games. They glorify violence—games in which they battle bad enemies with overwhelming and totally interesting, monstrous enemies with massive weapons in a world without a God or anything Sacred.

  • School—the nationwide movement to bigger and bigger schools—at all levels—in which the students are left without God, the Sacred, or behavioral models or values other than, “Be nice,” and, “No violence,” and, “Study study study,” to be able to get a job, etc. Therefore, these students are ethically adrift, lonely, sad, and often lost!

  • TV. There are almost no shows or programs that show families praying, going to church, teaching sacred values. Why? The Sacred is controversial. So, eliminate it completely. A wasteland!

And yet you and the media, when confronted with young mass murderers in Charlestone, Connecticut, Columbine, and all over, talk about counseling and, “Don't touch (why?) at all,” your converage of these evil acts is seen by other young, bereft-of-everything-Sacred young, who see these murderers as media celebrities, and that is appealing to a young brain prepared by a lifetime of media pablum.

On the other hand... That's the American story. What about Muslim young men who praise their idea of a Supreme Being by killing dozens of Persons as well as themselves in horrific suicide bombings?

WELL!!! The only thing worse than nothing Sacred or no operational belief in a loving Supreme Being is a believing in a Supreme Being that condones and promotes horrific acts of mass murder and other evil acts. With WMD's will the whole world pay for this evil teaching with the end of Planet Earth?

So what's the answer?

You are! You, the intenitonal, operational, good, ethical leaders of Planet Earth, must bring the Sacred and the divine into your lives and into the lives of those you lead or SHOULD lead!

P.S. An ending plea to the mothers of every country on earth. You are the Bringers of the Sacred and the divine into your lives first and also into the lives of your children, husbands, Community, and everywhere you can lead!!!

Two Ways

by Tom James on 05/03/17

Is the global community on a downward spiral toward global wars, anarchy in our cities, spawning genocides, theocratic dictatorships, murder and gang-filled ghettos, senseless and meaningless murders like drive-by shootings, and individual murderous attacks on malls, churches, restaurants, schools, etc. by our young that should be our hope for the future but become spawn of HELL? To the Persons that can intend to become leaders, how can you respond to this horror show?

Two ways!

If you were an atheist or function as an unbeliever, then you are part of the problem, and you either dive right in and seek MORE and MORE power, prestige, pleasure, wealth, control, and Persons that you can take away their Personhood from.

If on the other hand, you have a Supreme Being that is the active Word of God—Jesus—who taught us is our Father, who loves us and shows us Infinite Mercy and Love—then we can ask Him to fill us with Faith, Hope and Love, and to show us leadership lives that become filled with ways to bring these gifts to others. Our Father teaches us, helps us, shows us how we can make the world, our families, Communities and those in our care follow the path of service filled with holy Faith, Hope, and Charity.

The global situation is hopeless and on a downward spiral, UNLESS there is a God of Mercy and willing, committed leader servants!

The Underlying Message

by Tom James on 04/04/17

What is my underlying message in this blog and in my book “Earth Under Scrutiny”?

Planet Earth needs good, intentional leaders, who...

-Seek to bring the Supreme Being (the Infinite Being) into their daily life and the daily lives of all of society.

-Recognize and insist that there can be only one Supreme Being, and all persons and religions seek that Supreme Being in one way or another.

-Recognize that the SB cannot condone or support evil acts in any form.

-Recognize that we are all Persons, that is, human beings given a soul, that is always seeking a rest in the infinite forever.

-Recognize that we all must strive to make the world and our Communities better through of our actions.

-Recognize that Truth is sacred and that lying in any form is destructive of our souls, Communities, and the life of all Persons.

-Recognize that we all must be leaders and that everyone can and must be a good ethical leader.

Now, go back and read the website sharedglobalvalues.com, the blog, and the book featured on that website, and join all other great ethical leadres in saving the Planet Earth!

Christian Beliefs on God

by Tom James on 03/20/17

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, let me make it clear to you that Christians worship one God, the Supreme Being, and do not worship several gods. We believe that God comes to us as Jesus, God's son, who is the Word of God and the self-image of God. The holy spirit is the love between the Father and the Son. The christian religion is now welcoming thousands of your fellow Muslims from the ravages of horrible wars with kindness and love, because Jesus told us to love our neighbors, even our enemies.

It is also revealed to us that God is our Father and is not a vengeful god who supports hate, murder, etc. You and I must love one another in order to save our world from wars unto death.

Please consider!

A Message

by Tom James on 03/04/17

The Supreme Being says:

“Seek me and possess joy now—and forever!”

“Turn away from me and toward self and have a life alone—now—and forever!”

The Sacred

by Tom James on 02/28/17

Persons are Sacred. They share in the Supreme Being's life and are therefore “infinitely lovable and infinitely knowable” (St. Thomas Aquinas). Since all Persons are alike, we create Communities such as religions, families, towns, cities, countries, in order to provide ourselves and other Persons with homes, jobs, families, freedoms, just governance, true friendship, and love. Together we are on a wonderful shared search to know better, serve better, love better, be joyful together with, and worship together with a loving, Supreme Being, who is our Creator. Religions are crucial for the life of a Community of human Persons. The thousands of religious beliefs and Sacred practices reflect the thousands of ways in which the SB has responded to our call for understanding our SB's will in our regard and how best we can worship the SB.

“Every human Person begins and spends their whole life seeking the Infinite Being” Plato

Since the first human beings were given a share of the life of the Supreme Being, which is the basis of our Personhood, the number of ways in which we SEARCH is wonderfully infinite and creative. Our search can take one of two paths: toward the SB or towards self and rejection of the Sacred. When human Persons decide to cloak their lust for power, wealth, control of others, evil acts, the reuslt is the worst possible evil act of human Persons--”a religious war.”

The SB allows us to create more and more WMDs, killer robots, super bugs, and delivery systems, all the while nations' policies are ruled by fear, based on the power madness at the source of their own hearts. Trust dies when the Sacred disappears. The trend away from the Sacred and toward power and control seems to be gathering momentum. Why? Because many of our world leaders no longer believe in or seek the SB in a life of service to our Communities and others.

“The Supreme Being will not be mocked.”

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In my blog I'm trying to find ways to make ethics operational, move ethics from theoretical to practical and everyday life.  It's about applied ethics!
I will be adding new content to the site using the blog, without the need to update the site design.
It also provides an opportunity to interact with site visitors, like YOU!

Please feel free to leave comments in the blog, or send your thoughts by other methods provided (see box at right).

Thanks for your interest and God Bless!

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Please limit the discussion to topics that are relevant to this site, including the book, its concepts and purpose, global ethics and ethics in general.

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