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Dead Eyes, Dead Souls

by Tom James on 02/18/18

Dear Intentional, Good, and Centered Ethical Leaders,

Another school shooting is disrupting the lives of Americans, and people everywhere are wondering, "What are earth could possess someone to go into a school and start machine gunning people?" But look into the faces, especially the eyes, of the mass murderers. Do you see NOTHING?!?

Could these Muslim or American (or whatever) killers be at the end of a process of brainwashing, technology overload, bad ethical choices, and wrong (or no) ideas ideas about the Supreme Being? With bombs, AR-15's, or strapped explosives, could it be that their souls, their Personhood, have died within them, leaving nothing but an empty vessel into which any really evil and stupid idea can blossom into an act of horror, violence, and mass murder?

What can we, the ethical leaders of the world, do about this situation?

Embrace your families, friends, co-workers, Communities, countries, temples, mosques, churches (etc.) in a leader's embrace of good ethical values, love, and a lifelong search for service to the will of the Supreme Being, to the idea of Personhood, to anybody and everybody we can lead and love!

And hurry up! Dead eyes and dead souls seem to be in a population explosion!

Note: I'm not sure I need to say this or not, but a gun no explosives are only evil when put to an evil purpose by a dead souled individual!

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