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Dear Leaders of Nuclear Nations

by Tom James on 04/10/18

We, all the Persons of the World, are writing this letter to you, to ask you to stop participating in a policy of MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION. How can you leaders not actively be pursuing a way to destroy all WMD's?!

Are you unable to even think about a world with no WMD's because of your fear and distrust of other nuclear nations' leaders? Are you INSANE? Insane enough to think that the Gobal Community could survive a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST?

WE, the ordinary Persons of Planet Earth, live in fear of horrible death, of horrible aftermaths, of Armageddon, brought about by one of you being insane enough to PRESS THE BUTTON!

YOU have brought back the 50-year-long era of M.A.D.!!!

Three words: WHY? WHY? WHY? You (and your predecessors) had a chance to bring about an era of sanity, an era with no WMD's.

So, one by one, non-nuclear nations have become nuclear nations, and insanely, believed that they ensured their nation's security. THE REALITY IS THAT THEY HAVE HASTENED THE END OF THE HUMAN RACE! Step by insane step...

STOP and THINK! Please!

We don't want to watch our children's flesh roasted or rotted from within by your actions.

NOW is the TIME!

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