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Leaders: Personhood-Love vs Animal-Love

by Tom James on 03/28/20

1. Animal Love:
If you believe you have no soul and there is no supreme being, then the central acts of love is sex and family love. Animals have family love.

2. Personhood Love:
If you believe you have a soul given to you to become a Person and share in God's eternal home, then the central acts of love is a lifelong desire to create enduring relationships with Persons as in a marriage, family, member of a religion, in a business, in helping others, or in getting service jobs such as teaching, medicine, security, etc. All done with the all-consuming fire of wanting to be with and to serve other Persons.

Dear Leaders,
CHOOSE whether to be an animal and treat others as such or a Person and treat others as such.

Leaders and Troubles - Hope or No Hope!

by Tom James on 03/06/20

It seems that there are always enough troubles, worries, pain, evil, suffering, and tragedy!

Now there are two ways we can go about dealing with them:
As non-persons
Who believe there is no supreme being and we are all merely animals with no eternal destiny. 


Who are all given the same soul and the same job - turning our life's work which is that of giving ourselves to Gods work and helping others do the same! ( As Leaders!)


Troubles (etc.) and dealing with them [hopefully together] with them by being filled with hope and a "let's fix" attitude.


If we have no faith, then we are filled with despair, sadness, alcohol, using others, self pity, and various forms of suicide.

The big gift given to us by the Supreme Being is Joy by finding meaning in troubles! The Joy of shared: challenges, successes or failures, friendship, love, and God's blessing and support that is always given when we ask for it! [Prayer]

- Have hope!
- Teach hope!
- Give hope!
- Be joyful in your work!
- and so important, be always looking for and developing future, Hope-filled, Person Leaders.



Leaders and HATE!

by Tom James on 02/19/20

Dearest Leaders, are you filled with hate? Do you know it?

As you grew up and began to first prepare for leadership and then became a leader; did hatred grow in you because you chose to hate or did hate fill your heart and soul because you were taught to hate by your family, religion, country, someone's action, or your leaders? Now do you choose to continue to hate?!!!


If at one point you chose to hate, you can stop hating and choose to cease feeding your hatred and:
-choose to love and honor the Supreme being!
-choose to recognize all people as Persons who you will spend all Eternity loving and being loved.
 OR you can spend all Eternity hating others and being hated.

Stop being apart of any group that murders, enslaves, destroys others through acts of hatred and seek and join with PERSONS in fulfilling lives of service and love of other Persons!!!

Did or do you choose hate?!

Now - choose love!

Are you a leader who leads your followers to hate filled violence or lives filled with hatred?

Be a GOOD love-filled leader that leads others to do Good Deeds and good-ideals/ideas and long loving relationships now and forever in Heaven!

Leadership amd Disappearing Values

by Tom James on 02/08/20

Signs of disappearing values and value systems!

We give meaning to our lives through shared values. Through our religious festivals, celebrations, and important shared events, such as:

Political Holidays
-July 4th
-Armistice day

Religious Holidays and Events

Important days such as:
-sporting events
-etc, etc.

In the past, these events held strong religious or community shared values, prayers, songs, etc.

Now big events open without a prayer or song, or value-laden speech.

Now meals are eaten without being blessed, weddings held without God's blessing, big events without reflections, etc.

Now many people are lost in their iphones and miss these opening ceremonies even when they are held!


When we forget God and the Sacredness of life. Then we lose the values that hold society together, giving rise to loss of trust that binds the personhood concept, disappearing and with it, the death of mankind!

Leadership and the current Theological War!

by Tom James on 01/05/20

All Leaders, everywhere, must recognize and take action to end the raging theological war on Earth or there will be no future for the Persons of mankind.

This current theological war has been brought about by this centuries long belief held by certain sects and individuals who hold the belief that all non-Muslims must adopt their religion or die or be enslaved!
They believe that their HEINOUS actions- enslavement, genocide, and terrorism especially against Jews, Christians, Hindus, and other Muslims are inspired and sanctioned by their Muslim God!


The existence of WMD's alone demands it if we are to survive.

But even more importantly, this Muslim belief that all non-Muslims are evil is a theological cancer eating at the world community that MUST be rooted out and denied, and declared wrong by Good Muslims, Religious and Political Leaders now!

This demand must be  pronounced by the U.N. Assembly and all the Muslim and non-Muslim nations individually or the suffering by all Non-Muslim Persons as well as by Muslim Persons will keep escalating and consuming the lives of all Persons on EARTH!!!





Leadership & Respect & Personhood

by Tom James on 12/18/19

When the Supreme Being, God, gave everyone (All human beings) souls, we become persons and therefore we command respect. Living a life based on good ethical values earns a Person TRUST as well!!

TRUST between Persons is the basis of friendships, long-term contracts such as marriage, political and business systems, judicial systems, alliances among nations, and villages, cities and countries. ALL of these are based on TRUST!

Good values make good systems. Bad and Evil values make bad and evil systems. A lack of TRUST results in corruption, injustice, bad decisions, violence and anger, and the loss of the value of Personhood!!!

A Good Person earns TRUST and RESPECT!

A Bad Person earns a loss of trust and is shunned by other Persons.

The most important lesson for young leaders to learn is the fact that it is the cumulative effect of MANY good and evil acts and choices that forge a good or evil reputation in the earning or loss of TRUST of others.

Leaders and WHY!

by Tom James on 11/24/19

Sometimes, as we lead our followers to take care of the WHAT we do, we sometimes forget that WHY is as important because it supplies the continued motivation for our work and lifelong joy in our work!

What is so clear that what our Leadership team does is supply the what.
Examples - Farmers provide food on the table.
 -Police and first responders provide safety, security, and emergency help.
 - Parents and teachers raise and teach our children! 
- Artists bring beauty into our lives. 
- Politicians and court members bring order and justice to our communities and keep our cities livable!

[I think that there are two essential groups for a community to exist - Police and Garbage/Sanitation workers]


Leaders make these WHATS successful! It's what we do!

But WHY ?

We leaders must constantly remind us that we and all others who are suppliers of WHAT are Persons. Our goods and services are our GIFTS to our communities and make a civilization of Persons possible!

Our Persons, their goods and services are important. We leaders must constantly remind one another of this SO important WHY.

Leaders and Family

by Tom James on 11/12/19

The Family is SO important in the development and support of Leaders.

In Youth, the formation of good and evil ethical leaders are profoundly impacted by good and evil ethical role model parents. Homes are ruled by love or anger; by good care or selfishness; by clear or confused ethics' guidance; by worthwhile or self-centered lifetime goals; by acceptance or rejection of a religious community; by an active or dormant prayer life; by recognition or rejection of each other as PERSONS. And by choosing the path of good or that of evil, we fulfill the Ultimate Divine End of an Eternity of life in God, or an eternity of aloneness.

Good families are the foundations of our thriving civilizations! Evil families are the cause of Wars, atrocities, the collapse of financial and medical systems, crime, broken Justice systems, etc., etc., ETC!!!

Leaders and Listening to God

by Tom James on 10/31/19

How do we tell what it is that God wants us to do? or Be? or Choose?

The sacred Writings of Various Religions, and Holy people tell us (and show us) that indeed God does talk to many Persons! But to you and me?

If so, HOW?
  1.  By searching and listening for God's talking to us and teaching us, and opening up our Souls for God to enter!
  2. By developing the characteristic of seeing God and His actions in nature, friends, daily life at all levels, and especially in other Persons!
  3. By recognizing that all things in our lives that are good and wonderful and helpful are the actions of God and about God. We are to recognize that all good things come from God!
  4. By leading others to seek God's Word in their own lives, by being a good example of God in our daily thoughts and actions, and crediting Blessings and all things Good as those that are inspired by God!
  5. By praying together in Religious services with fellow Seekers of God and those anxious to follow God's Will!
  6. By acknowledging our need for God by practicing humility for our sinfulness and earthly limitations, never ceasing to seek help in order to someday be with, and a part of, God!
  7. By Praying, Praying, Praying!

"Be still and know that I am God."

Leaders and FAITH and CORRUPTION

by Tom James on 10/17/19

Faith, the bedrock foundation of all relationships among Persons and our Leaders is most positively strengthened by good ethical beliefs and actions and negatively affected by bad ethical beliefs and actions.

You think that's obvious?

But today, let's consider the cumulative effect of good and bad ethics and actions:

     -It always amazed me when I did consulting, how colleges or businesses revealed their vitality, or "sickness". From the moment of introduction, one could sense the aura of hope, or the cloak of despair from the teams. I still remember these moments as I walked into the room, and my impressions were reinforced as I completed my time at that site.

     -I believe that organizations become sick or strong because of bad or good leadership:

     -The selection of leaders and their teams is the initial and most important step in order to establish a strong base of which good ethics and actions can be supported. If the Selection Committee has already proven to have good ethics, then those leaders that are chosen will have a higher chance of applying these ethics for actions of good. If the Committee uses corrupt standards for their selection, the team they choose will undoubtedly reflect that bad model, and will ultimately bring about their destruction through bad leadership, and unethical actions.

How do we maintain a good organization as good, or correct a sick organization and make it better?

     -The leadership team, with humility, continually analyzes current performance,

     -LISTENS to, with humility, and welcomes input from all concerned!!

     -rewards good performance and corrects and turns around the bad.

     -Prayer, PRAYER, and Proper for God's light of understanding, knowledge, wisdom and courage to help - help - help bless the Leadership team with the Joy of Success!

Do we ask our Supreme Being to bless our EVIL ACTS?

by Tom James on 10/10/19

Dear Good Ethical Muslim Leaders: Do you believe that the murderous acts and open hatreds such as:
-Genocide in the South Sudan by Muslims,
-Horrific acts of murder, torture, suicide bombing by ISIS and others in Paris and Syria,
-A stated desire to "drive all Jews into the Mediterranean" by the Religious and Political Leader of a Muslim Country,
-Murderous rebels in many countries conducting campaigns of terrorism, suicide bombings, and murders, etc.,
-World-Wide campaigns of HATRED by evil sects of Muslims against other Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews, and other non-Muslims, etc., etc., etc.
PLEASE Dear Good, Ethical Muslim Leaders come forth and enter the world of WMDs and world-wide acts of hatred etc., and state that your God does not sponsor these acts of evil!
Your God is not evil!
The sponsor of EVIL is Satan!
Any sponsor of Evil is a servant of Satan!
Save the planet Earth from a nuclear Armageddon and a continually spreading horror show of evil acts!!!

Leaders- From MAD to STUPID

by Tom James on 10/03/19

For fifty years of the Cold War, we persons on Earth lived under a threat of nuclear holocaust and annihilation. During that time, an accurate one word descriptor "MAD" for Mutually assured Destruction was widely used to describe the situation.

Can we have a world wide contest to come up with such a word describing our present position on WMDs (Weapons of mass destruction)!!

My suggestion is S.T.U.P.I.D.!
Stands for STalemate Under Perpetual InDecisiveness!

Dear Leaders of HAAVE, don't one day find yourself alone in your bunker watching the "last show" of Earth's convulsive annihilation!!!!!

Get rid of ALL weapons of mass destruction NOW!!!! 

Leaders. Thanks!

by Tom James on 10/01/19

Beloved and admired leaders, let us recognize that:
- If Earth creates a successful process for total elimination of the threat of WMD's, it will be because of LEADERS!
- If we on Earth adopt a shared global ethical system based on one Supreme Being who has made us PERSONS who love and give service to others based on the love of family. It will be because of LEADERS!
- If dictatorships and totalitarian regimes become democracies, it will be because of LEADERS!
- If all young persons seek to develop loving relationships with persons rather than user-relationships with animal-like individuals, it will be because of LEADERS!
- If Justice prevails everywhere, it will be because of LEADERS!
- If Peace prevails everywhere, it will be because of LEADERS!
Thank you LEADERS for choosing to be great GOOD LEADERS!

Leaders and How to Trust Enough!

by Tom James on 09/19/19

There is a wonderful line from Lao-tzu, "He who does not trust enough will not be trusted."
What Wisdom!
What causes "trust enough" to develop in some leaders and lack of trust to develop in other leaders. 
A leader seeks to develop the "servant leader" concept and the virtues of humility and understanding. He strives to develop the habit of being a good listener. He is patient with other persons faults. He considers himself part of a team with shared responsibilities and shared credit for success.
A trusting leaders seek to praise the good rather than condemn faults. He is swift to reward, and discerning with punishment. He loves rather than hate; he uplifts rather than use and gives rather than takes.

Leaders and the Souls of Aborted Baby Persons

by Tom James on 09/01/19

So what does God (the Supreme Being) do with the millions of baby Persons killed in the womb each year? Before we hope the wisdom of God will answer the question for us, let us frame the issue.

Let us begin again with: there is a God.

What's more, God has chosen the human race on Earth. He gives each human a soul with the promise of an eternal life of Bliss if we choose to worship Him, serve Him by serving fellow Persons, and choosing good ideas, good values, good works, good spouses, etc.

BUT, suddenly, some modern women have decided that they have the RIGHT to kill the babies still in their wombs! Horror of Horrors!!

These babies are:

-Totally innocent,
-In various body-forming stages,
-ANDthey all have souls!!!

Plato, in talking about the existence of a Supreme Being, said that there must be an infinite being because we have infinite desire!


So an aborted baby's soul has infinite desire to be with God forever.

Question answered!

The God-created soul goes from being murdered, into the arms of God and the beatific vision, flooded with God's infinite knowledge, and sharing His infinite mercy and forgiveness toward those who killed him/her!

Pray, aborting mothers, to God, and to your aborted child's soul for forgiveness and help in your life to choose God in all things, so that you may spend eternity in a loving embrace with your child's soulhis or her most important part!!!

Leadership and the Unborn's Sacred Rite to Self-Determination

by Tom James on 08/20/19

If there is a Supreme Being (God) that gives us a soul, which gives us the Sacred Rite of Self-Determination, which gives us the option to choose to love God for all eternity, then we are given that soul at conception!

God's plan is for each of us Persons to choose to worship Him, serve our fellow Persons, and choose the Good in all things. That CONTRACT is as much our Personhood as our DNA.

We Persons are chosen by God from all eternity to live in the Light of God.

Who can dare to cut short and destroy a wonder-filled baby, that God has given an eternal destiny?

Dear Mother of an unborn,

If you are planning to kill your child, at least Baptize it now. Pour water over your belly and say, “I baptize you (NAME!!!) in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Then for the rest of your life, pray for your child and yourself, for the infinite Mercy of God to take your child into His eternal embrace and forgive you your sin!

Dear Mother of an aborted child of God,

I believe that the infinite Mercy of God might hear your prayer for the soul of your child to be baptized by You! Beg God to let you baptize (NAME!!!), “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

It's best to make this prayer in the moment before being killed, if possible, but there is no time with God. God CAN make this baptism effective, because for God, everything is NOW! Hope, believe, and pray for (NAME) the rest of your life and for yourself.

Leaders and the Sacred Rite of Self-Determination

by Tom James on 08/13/19

Why did the Supreme Being (God) give us the gift of Personhood? This gift of a soul gives us the ability to choose good and evil, or basically to choose to direct our life choices to the Good:

-Good habits,

-Good friends,

-Good ideas,

-Good careers,

-Ways to help others,


So that we can clearly choose to be with God for all eternity!

That's IT!!!


All Leaders everywhere have a Sacred Duty to protect all Persons' Sacred Rite of Self-Determination, and to Lead all to make every decision one that helps  and leads us on the path to God!


Leaders can lead Persons to:

-Choose democracy, which protect the Sacred Rite of Self-Determination and fight all forms of tyranny such as Communism, which deny Personhood!

-Choose a religion based on a loving God and on loving our neighbor, rather than one that denies the Personhood of anyone who does not follow their definition of their tribal God.

-Choose to avoid drugs, alcohol, lust, greed, anger, hatred, controlling others rather than a life of service to others,


Dear Leaders,

Have Hope, Love, and Faith in God. Use every waking hour and ounce of energy to fight the good fight and protect the Sacred Rite of Self-Determination for ALL PERSONS ON EARTH!

Leadership and Crises

by Tom James on 08/09/19

All Leaders from heads of state to parents of families are either directly or indirectly impacted by the current overwhelming international and local crises, such as:

-The tech revolutions and the pace of change,

-Fear of WMD proliferation,

-Acts of mass murder caused by religions zealots and hate-filled people,

-Worldwide migration of peoples,

-Overwhelming population growth,

-Power-hungry and power-mad Leaders of countries,

-Collapse of good Core Value systems such as organized religion and good families,

-Disappearance of trust in political life causing a rise in “not getting things done,”

-Increase in violence at all levels of society,

-History of families, towns, countries, and individuals being rewritten by cynical teachers of bad values,

-Rise in evil drug empires based on corruption.


(Read previous blogs for what to do!)

An Open Letter to Believers in One God

by Tom James on 07/21/19

Beloved Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Leaders,

Act now, as brothers under one God, and save the planet!

As a dramatic, symbolic act of this Brotherhood, hold a joint worship service of the one and only Supreme Being in the mosque on the Holy Mount that is sacred to all 3 religions.

DO IT NOW!!! While there's still time!!

The Armageddon looms closer with each new hate-filled war.

Remember: Muslims and Jews have a common Father—Abraham—who worshiped one God. Also, Christianity was started by Jews and shares a belief in the truths regarding one God contained in the Jewish holy writing,

You can, if you only will, drop and leave behind centuries-old beliefs and hatred. Let all Persons, no matter their religion, become loving brothers and sisters under a loving God (Supreme Being).

Leadership and Being a Celebrity

by Tom James on 07/16/19

Does it seem to you that the dream of being a celebrity and the reality are so different?

Let's consider what happens when you become celebrated.

The first thing that happens, the reason I chose this topic: you cease to be a Person!!

You are now owned by your fans and treated as an object that must:

-Be available,

-Be smiling,

-Give autographs cheerfully,

-Continue to be a great artist, politician, military hero, entrepreneur, financier, or athlete to satisfy your fans' NEEDS and not YOURS!

-Is it any wonder that over time, celebrities fall into depression, drug and alcohol abuse, anger and resentment at life, the trap of ever-increasing performance expectation, and being unable to summon the energy to overcome obstacles and be positive?



For the Good, ethical Leader, being a grounded celebrity means that being celebrated is a way to serve others as a Leader. By being joyful, patient, kind, and cheerful to those Persons who ask you to handle these pressures so well, they will seek out and find the cause of your grounded life as a Person. This groundedness can only come from a goal in life that surpasses and supercedes all other goals—eternal celebration with God!

For those celebrities who define themselves as non-Persons, or ignore or reject the destiny and purpose of life—to prepare for choosing, loving, and being loved for and by the Supreme Being—they have no hope.

Being celebrated is a stormy sea of gigantic waves with a sinking boat!

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